Massage Prices

Massage prices in Africa by country

A table showing the average massage prices for the top biggest cities in Africa:

Country City Type of Massage Price in Local Currency Price in USD
South Africa Johannesburg Swedish Massage ZAR 600 $40
Egypt Cairo Deep Tissue Massage EGP 600 $38
Nigeria Lagos Thai Massage NGN 10,000 $24
Algeria Algiers Hot Stone Massage DZD 3,000 $22
Morocco Casablanca Aromatherapy Massage MAD 500 $55
Sudan Khartoum Sports Massage SDG 2,500 $17
Tanzania Dar es Salaam Shiatsu Massage TZS 50,000 $22
Kenya Nairobi Reflexology Massage KES 2,500 $23
Ghana Accra Swedish Massage GHS 150 $26
Libya Tripoli Thai Massage LYD 50 $11

Please note that these prices are based on an average and may vary depending on the specific massage parlor, location, and other factors.