Massage Prices

Massage Prices in South America by country

A table showing the average massage prices for the top biggest cities in South America, including the country and city, and the type of massage. Prices are shown in the local currency and also in USD (as of May 2023):

Country City Type of Massage Local Currency USD
Argentina Buenos Aires Swedish ARS 2000-3000 USD 20-30
Brazil Sao Paulo Thai BRL 150-250 USD 25-40
Chile Santiago Hot Stone CLP 25000-40000 USD 35-55
Colombia Bogota Deep Tissue COP 80000-150000 USD 23-42
Ecuador Quito Shiatsu USD 25-40 USD 25-40
Paraguay Asuncion Aromatherapy PYG 120000-200000 USD 18-30
Peru Lima Sports PEN 60-120 USD 17-34
Uruguay Montevideo Reflexology UYU 1300-2500 USD 30-57
Venezuela Caracas Hot Stone VEF 1500-3000 USD 0.25-0.50

Please note that these prices are informative only and may vary depending on the specific massage spa, location, and other factors.